iLink Educational Consulting

was founded about seven years ago in Vancouver, British Columbia to offer student educational consulting services. iLink is a full-service educational consulting company that empowers students to pursue their academic goals.


Our main areas of expertise include post-secondary consulting services and student progress planning based on each student’s strengths, values and interests. We are committed to navigating students through application and admission processes across elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education at schools and universities in North America, Europe and Australia by providing tailored advice, coaching and ongoing collaboration.


Our services are divided into three areas:

(1) application and admission, which turns the complicated process of postsecondary application into a series of manageable steps;

(2) curricular and extra-curricular planning, which helps students identify their academic and personal interests in order to set goals for their future; and

(3) English and writing support, which aims at coaching students to think critically and analyze a variety of texts, write different genres of essays, and employ test-taking strategies for success on crucial exams including SAT or Literacy exams.